TTU Physics Department.

Welcome to the PHYS 2402 Course :: Spring 2015

Class Scedule
  • TT 11:00am - 12:20pm @ SC 204

Course Text
  • Modern Physics, 2nd edition, by Randy Harris (ISBN-10: 0805303081 or ISBN-13: 9780805303087)
  • A Guide for the Perplexed Experiments in Physics (Version 3.0)
  • Course Coverage
    • We will start with a discussion of special theory of relativity, move to simple quantum mechanical system and explore the Schrodinger equation.We will later concentrate on the hydrogen atom and spectroscopy.
    • Time permitting; the course will cover material from the first 10 chapters in the text.

    Grading Policy
      The following scores will be accumulated during the course of the semester:

    • 3 In-Class Quizzes + HW (20%)
    • Lab work (25%)
    • Term Paper + Presentation (10%)
    • Mid-term Exam (20%)
    • Final Exam(25%)

      No makeup exams or quizzes will be given.
      Your letter grade will be determined according to the following scale: A (90-100), B (80-89), C (70-79), D (60-69) and F(0-59).

    • Homework sets will be assigned regularly (see class schedule) and will be based on the material presented in class.
    • The assignments will be collected and there will be 20-minute-long quizzes on the dates indicated based on the assignments.
    • There will be 3 sets; Q1 to Q3
    • HW Assignments:
      DATE Chapter Homework Assignments Answers

    • A term paper will be written (5-10 pages) and orally presented (15 minutes).
    • Topic for the term paper will be decided in consultation with the instructor based on the topics covered in the lab and the course.
    • The term paper will have to conform to either MS word or Physical Review,RevTeX4, see URL guidelines.
    • Term paper grade is 10% of your grade.
    • I encourage you to attend the Physics Colloquium. You might find a topic interesting and decide to write your paper on that.

    Course Materials
    • PHYS 2402 Lab Manual
    • PHYS 2402 Lab Schedule: 2402-501 (Monday at 2:00pm), 2402-502 (Wednesday at 2:00pm), 2402-503 (Tuesday at 2:00pm)
    • PHYS 2402 Lab TA: Charles Ramey, e-mail:
    • Physics Colloquium: Schedule

    Course Instructors
    Sung-Won Lee

    Dr.Sung-Won Lee
    Associate Professor
    Department of Physics
    Office:: SC 117
    (806) 834-8188

    Lecture Notes

    1/15 Chapter.1
    1/20 Chapter.2 PDF
    1/22 Chapter.2 PDF