The DREAM project is now part of the official CERN experimental program. It is known as RD52.

The dual-readout concept was suggested more than two decades ago.
The RD52 (DREAM) collaboration have been testing the dual-readout concept with
crystals and with a hadronic fiber calorimeter.
The results of this work are summarized in a number of
published papers and public talks.

At present, the RD52 collaboration consists of the institutions from U.S. and Italy.
We have
Test Beam every year at the H8 area, SPS, CERN.
The ultimate goal of the RD52 collaboration is to build the best performing calorimeter ever.
We are working on it...

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DREAM is registered as a virtual organization in the
Open Science Grid and in the European Grid Inititive, making use of grid software to support data transfer and analysis, as well as Globus Online to move data and results to our project participants.